Established in 1946, the TDC today curates a calendar of typographic intrigues designed to:

—build a community through public events and platforms
—support the growth of students and early career professionals
—recognize excellence in type design across the world.

In connection with our landmark yearly competitions, we produce and publish a Typography Annual and coordinate eight traveling exhibits of award-winning work. We host and sponsor numerous events—conferences, courses, workshops, exhibitions, and frequent Type Salons—both in our New York City home and at supportive institutions near and far.

Graphic designers, art directors, editors, media makers, students, and entrepreneurs, anyone who loves typography, letterforms, and the written word… join us.

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Our History





The First Ten Years

Founded as the Type Directors Club, the TDC’s earliest membership included such luminaries and leaders as Aaron Burns, Freeman Craw, and Louis Dorfsman.
Our inaugural lecture series, titled Ten Talks on Type, featured Milton Zudeck, O. Alfred Dickman, and Hal Zamboni. It quickly became an annual event.

In 1953, we established the annual competition to recognize outstanding work in the profession, opening it up to non-members in 1956.

Pushing Boundaries

In 1958, the TDC hosted a day-long seminar at the Silvermine Artists Guild in New Canaan, Connecticut, drawing 500 attendees from around the world.
1959 marked our first conference at Manhattan’s Biltmore Hotel; the line-up included Saul Bass, Gene Federico, and Paul Rand.

In 1960, Beatrice Warde, namesake of one of our student scholarships, broke boundaries as our first female member.

In 1967, Herman Zapf received the first ever TDC medal for outstanding contributions to the field of typography.

A New Era

With traditional Type Director roles declining, the TDC evolved to re-define and broaden our community.

In 1980, we published the first print annual and, in 1996, created a separate competition for typeface design.

Designing the Future of Type

In 2004, we published Typography 25 in honor of the first TDC annual.
2010 introduced the first postgraduate certificate in typeface design, through a collaboration with Cooper Union.

The TDC celebrated 70 years in 2017, and hosted the Type Over Time conference.

In 2018, we launched the Type Drives Culture conference and Typegeist.

Our Board

Guided by bold vision and clear values, our board includes lauded practitioners and proponents of typography and design. Together, they steer the TDC toward a future where creators, enthusiasts and newcomers alike recognize and revere type’s role in culture.
  • Elizabeth Carey Smith


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  • Christopher Sergio

    Vice President

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  • Joe Newton


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  • Paul Carlos

    Chairman of the Board

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  • Ana Gómez Bernaus


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  • H.Y. Ingrid Chou


    Portriat of H.Y. Ingrid Chou
  • Liz DeLuna


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  • Carrie Hamilton


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  • John Kudos


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  • Juan Carlos Pagan


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  • YuJune Park


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  • Carol Wahler

    Executive Director

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