June 25, 2020

This week, Juan Villanueva resigned as a board member of the TDC and posted his resignation letter online, calling the TDC a racist organization.

First and foremost, we, the TDC board, apologize to Juan. His commitment and contribution to the TDC during his tenure was invaluable. His leaving is a huge loss, and his experience as a board member, which left him feeling, as he said in his statement, “steamrolled, suppressed, silenced and condescended to” is our failure.

Juan’s call to action coincides with a moment of change for the TDC. As is known by many, our organization faces serious financial challenges exacerbated by the ongoing COVID-19 emergency. Due to financial pressures that pre-date Juan’s statement the Type Directors Club is no longer financially solvent.

In light of this financial reality, and confirmed by Juan’s experiences, the board has decided to dismantle the organization in its current state and end the lease on the Club’s physical space.

The board believes the club should be reconstituted in a new, more inclusive form, under different leadership in the future. The current board will do whatever is necessary to support that reconstitution.

We thank our members and sponsors for all of their support over the years. We will be in touch in the near future with additional information regarding details of how precisely the current club, and all of its programs, will be reorganized to better serve our community.

The TDC Board

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