Type Legends

  • 2016 TDC Medalist: Emigre

    Video tribute to the 2016 TDC Medal recipient, Emigre, a digital type foundry, publisher, and distributor of graphic design-centered information based in Berkeley, California.

    Credits: Creative Director — Graham Clifford; Editor — Danny Ameri (Very Nice Industries); Music — Mystery of the Plain by Honey Barbara

  • Adrian Frutiger: A Tribute by Matthew Carter

    TDC Tribute: April 26, 2016

    To commemorate the life and work of Adrian Frutiger, the Type Directors Club asked renowned type designer Matthew Carter to speak about his old friend at the Parsons School of Design. Carter gave a moving memorial, taking a close look at several of Frutiger’s well-known typefaces, including Univers and Frutiger, and telling entertaining stories from his professional and personal acquaintance with Frutiger. The large audience appreciated hearing about Frutiger from someone who knew him well.

  • David Berlow

    Font Bureau co-founder David Berlow, who received the Type Directors Club 2014 Medal of Excellence, discusses designing typefaces and experiencing multiple technology transitions in the type business.

  • Mike Parker

    2011 TDC Medal Winner Mike Parker discusses his early self-training at the Plantin-Moretus Museum and the building of the Linotype library.

  • Erik Spiekermann

    2011 TDC Medal Winner Erik Spiekermann talks about being a designer and starting Meta Design, FontFont and FSI.

  • Matthew Carter

    An interview with Matthew Carter, recipient of the 1997 TDC Medal, conducted by Paul Shaw.

  • Ed Benguiat

    1989 TDC Medal Winner Ed Benguiat tells tales of being a drummer, a cleavage retoucher and a type designer.

  • Sumner Stone

    Iconic type designer Sumner Stone talks about his early influences and how they informed his type design. He recounts his career in type design, from his early days in Reed College, Portland, Oregon, where he became interested in calligraphy. He then retraces his steps from working at Hallmark to witnessing the digital revolution, leading the Type Department Adobe where he hired Robert Slimbach and Carol Twombly into the the Adobe Originals program, and eventually running his own Stone Type Foundry.