Type Legends

  • David Berlow

    2014 TDC Medal winner David Berlow discusses his career and work in the development of digital type.

  • Mike Parker

    2011 TDC Medal Winner Mike Parker discusses his early self-training at the Plantin-Moretus Museum and the building of the Linotype library.

  • Ed Benguiat

    1989 TDC Medal Winner Ed Benguiat tells tales of being a drummer, a cleavage retoucher and a type designer.

  • Erik Spiekermann

    2011 TDC Medal Winner Erik Spiekermann talks about being a designer and starting Meta Design, FontFont and FSI.

  • Matthew Carter Highlights

    A conversation with Matthew Carter, 1997 TDC Medal Winner.

  • Sumner Stone

    Sumner Stone talks about his early influences and how they informed his type design.