• Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth: From Pentagram to Partnership

    TDC Salon: September 28, 2017. “From Pentagram to Partnership” with Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth of Standards Manual

    Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth are the founding partners of Standards Manual, an independent publishing imprint founded in 2014, and Order, a design office—both located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Reed and Smyth met at Pentagram while working under the direction of Michael Bierut for the last six years. They share what started their paths to design, how they created a publishing imprint as a side project, and when they knew it was time to leave their dream jobs.

  • Shani Avni: Ismar David and the First Hebrew Typeface Family

    TDC Salon: August 8, 2017. “Ismar David and the First Hebrew Typeface Family” with Shani Avni

    Ismar David was a prolific calligrapher, type designer, illustrator, architect and educator. From the 1930s until the 1990s, he lived and worked in Berlin, Jerusalem and New York. His most important work is the David Hebrew Typeface family. It was the first of its kind when it was issued in 1954, and up until today it is the pinnacle of Hebrew type design. What are the challenges entailed in designing a Hebrew typeface family? How did David tackle these obstacles? Why is this work paramount and what has become of it over the years? This talk is based on the research of designer Shani Avni for her MA thesis at the University of Reading, which sheds light on David’s fascinating design process and ground-breaking results.

  • Martina Flor: The Golden Secrets of Lettering

    TDC Salon: June 8, 2017. “The Golden Secrets of Lettering” with Martina Flor

    Berlin-based designer Martina Flor discusses how everyone can learn to draw letters and shows examples from her new book, “The Golden Secrets of Letting.” Martina shares letter design tips that designers can put into practice in their daily work. Martina’s talk covers how to create lettering from sketches and how anyone can turn their passion for letters into work that clients will adore.

  • Gail Bichler: New York Times Magazine Type, 2015-Present

    TDC Salon: June 6, 2017. “New York Times Magazine Type: 2015-Present” with Gail Bichler and Henrik Kubel

    In 2015, The New York Times Magazine embarked on the most extensive redesign in its history. Gail Bichler, the magazine’s Design Director, and London type designer Henrik Kubel discuss that process, focusing on the development of an entirely new suite of typefaces and showcasing the ways in which those typefaces and customized typography have been used in the magazine’s covers, features, and special issues. Gail and her team have won numerous awards for their print and interactive design as well as their groundbreaking work in virtual reality.

  • Larry Buchanan: Mapping, Typography, and Storytelling

    TDC Salon: May 18, 2017. “Mapping, Typography, and Storytelling” with Larry Buchanan

    Larry Buchanan, a graphic editor for The New York Times, explains how aesthetics inform cartographers and designers to blend graphics and text in a way that illuminates the most pressing issues of the day — election results, red/blue states, melting icecaps, violence in Chicago neighborhoods. Larry works at The New York Times where he reports, writes and makes maps, charts, diagrams, and other weird things that don’t necessarily fall into one of those categories. He is also an instructor at the School of Visual Arts. This salon was featured as part of 2017 NYCxDesign.

  • Dafi Kühne: True Print

    TDC Salon: April 27, 2017. “True Print” with Dafi Kühne

    An evening with Dafi Kühne, a Swiss designer who works with analog and digital techniques to produce fresh, unique letterpress-printed posters. Fusing modern means with the century-old tradition of letterpress, he forms a new, contemporary vocabulary for how to communicate through type and form. His work is a clever response to the search for new possibilities of graphic expression: true print. In this salon, Dafi describes his process and the monograph about his work, True Print, published by Lars Müller Publishers.

  • Painting with James Franco: A Panel Discussion about Making the Book “Classic Penguin”

    TDC Salon: April 13, 2017. “Painting with James Franco: A Panel Discussion about Making the Book Classic Penguin” with Paul Buckley, Matt Vee, and Elizabeth Yaffe

    At this Type Directors Club exhibition opening and panel discussion, three creative artists discuss the book Classic Penguin—Cover to Cover, which takes readers behind the scenes of book design to describe the collaborative work that goes into creating illustrations, typography, packaging, and marketing for Penguin Classics. Paul Buckley, a creative director for Penguin Random House, oversees a large staff of exceptionally talented designers and art directors working on the jackets and covers of fifteen imprints called the Penguin Art Group. His iconic design and singular art direction have been showcased on thousands of covers and jackets, including many in the exhibition and book. The panel includes designer and illustrator Matt Vee and videographer Elizabeth Yaffe.

  • Teaching Type: A Panel Conversation on Typography Education

    On April 1, 2017, Design Incubation brought together a panel of educators to discuss innovations, challenges and best practices for teaching typography. The panelists talk about the role of typography in the continuum of design education and identify areas where traditional programs experience shortcomings and challenges. Discussion focuses upon which fundamental skills should be taught and whether the way typography is taught needs to change in a screen-based world. Panel moderators Liz Deluna (St. John’s) and Doug Clouse (Fashion Institute of Technology). Panel includes Juliette Cezzar (New School Parsons School of Design), John Gambell (Yale School of Art), Thomas Jockin (Queens College CUNY and Fashion Institute of Technology), and Amy Papaelias (SUNY New Paltz).

    Hosted by Type Directors Club.

  • Jakob Trollbäck: Design for Change

    TDC Salon: March 30, 2017. “Design for Change: Communicating with 7 Billion People” with Jakob Trollbäck

    Jakob Trollbäck is the Swedish CCO and Founder behind award-winning creative studio Trollbäck + Company. Arriving in New York at the same time as the digital revolution, Jakob was among the first to embrace sea changes in the media landscape. Jakob has asserted himself as an innovative force in design, branding, and corporate storytelling driven by beauty, logic, and a singular motto: discard everything that means nothing. In this TDC salon, he speaks about process of designing the visual and verbal communication behind the 2016 NBC Rio Olympics logo, and the United Nations Global Goals.

  • Drew Hodges and Steven Heller: Top Billing

    TDC Salon: March 23, 2017. “Top Billing: The Theater Posters that Changed Broadway” with Drew Hodges and Steven Heller

    Drew Hodges created SpotCo to change the way theater posters were designed. Along with a team of 228 collaborators over the last 20 years, SpotCo has sold over 30 million tickets to live entertainment, and created the branding and advertising campaigns for numerous Broadway shows and cultural institutions including Rent, Chicago, The Color Purple, Kinky Boots, Avenue Q, Book of Mormon and Hamilton, among many others. In this TDC salon, Drew talks with Steven Heller about memorable imagery from dozens of stage productions and the stories behind them. Steven Heller is the co-chair of SVA MFA Design. His blog is Print Magazine’s The Daily Heller.

  • TDC Book Night 2017

    March 16, 2017: TDC Book Night 2017 with Darren Haggar and Tal Goretsky

    When a book cover works, it’s more than just design—it’s magic. For our annual Book Night, TDC invited some of the world’s best book cover designers and art directors to talk about how it’s done. Darren Haggar is the VP Art Director at the Penguin Press. He started his career at Penguin UK before joining Viking 17 years ago. Darren has been with the Penguin Press imprint since it began in 2003. Tal Goretsky designs covers for the Crown Publishing Group and art directs Crown Business. Previously, he was art director of Scribner, and worked as a designer for Penguin Press. Robin Bilardello, the VP/Senior Art Director at HarperCollins Publishers in New York, joins Darren and Tal for the audience Q&A. The evening was sponsored by A2A Studio Solutions.

  • Type Over Time: Debbie Millman Interviews Young Designers

    TDC Special Event: March 10, 2017 – Young Designers Panel at “Type Over Time”

    Debbie Millman interviews a panel of young type designers about their careers and aspirations. The panel includes Elizabeth Carey Smith, Greg Gazdowicz, Jessica Svendsen, and Zipeng Zhu. This panel was part of “Type Over Time: 70th Anniversary of the Type Directors Club,” a day-long celebration held at the SVA Theatre in New York City on March 10, 2017.

  • Sasha Prood: Letter as Object

    TDC Salon: March 9, 2017. “Letter as Object: Representational Lettering from Project Brief through Final Art” with Sasha Prood

    Sasha Prood, an illustrator and graphic designer living and working in Brooklyn, specializing in hand lettering. Her work uses graphite, ink, watercolor paint, and digital media, and is inspired by the organic, natural, and scientific. In this TDC salon, Sasha talks about her representational lettering process from the client’s project brief, through idea, sketch, and final art. She describes some of her more involved client projects, ranging from handlettered alphabets to illustrated covers to campaign art, shining a light on the wins, compromises, and lessons learned.

  • Victoria Rushton: Fixing Things for Fun and No Profit

    TDC Salon: February 16, 2017. “Fixing Things for Fun and No Profit” with Victoria Rushton

    Custom type designer Victoria Rushton explains how she tries to fix other people’s work for kicks. She shares why these mini secret projects are interesting to her and more importantly serve as a self-directed crash course for her technical education and self-awareness. Victoria was trained to design typefaces by the great people at Font Bureau, and now does custom fonts for clients as well as her own original releases through her own foundry at TypeNetwork. She does lettering for everyone, whether they want it or not.

  • TDC Judges Night 2017

    TDC Competition Judges Night: January 26, 2017

    Joe Newton moderates a talk with two judges on the Thursday before they review the entries to the TDC 63/Typography 38 competitions — Janine Vangool of Uppercase Magazine (Canada) and type designer Alice Savoie (France). Recorded at Parsons School of Design in New York City.

  • Graphic Arts in the Liberal Arts

    Education panel at TDC: November 12, 2016. “Graphic Arts in the Liberal Arts” with Design Incubation

    Liz Deluna (St. John’s) and Mark Zurolo (University of Connecticut) moderate a panel of educators, who discuss the challenges and obstacles that graphic design programs encounter and how programs housed in liberal arts institutions differ from those in art schools. Event hosted by Type Directors Club.

  • Erik Carter and Mark Owens: The Surface of Design

    TDC Salon: October 26, 2016. “The Surface of Design” with Erik Carter and Mark Owens

    Graphic Designer Erik Carter and A+D Guest Curator Mark Owens discuss Carter’s book cover designs for Verso Books’ Verso Futures series and what “abstraction” means for designers today. The salon at TDC was hosted in conjunction with the exhibition The Surface of Design at the Richard & Dolly Maass Gallery at Purchase College SUNY, which was on view October 3 through November 11, 2016.

  • Mehdi Saeedi: Calligraphic Transformation

    TDC Salon: October 18, 2016. “Calligraphic Transformation” with Mehdi Saeedi

    Mehdi Saeedi‎, an internationally known award-winning artist and designer based in Philadelphia, was born in Tehran, Iran. As a typographer and calligrapher, his expertise is zoomorphic lettering design—shaping words into animals and other forms. Hix artistic vision is informed by the aesthetic heritage and traditions of the Middle East. Combining his experience in classical Persian calligraphy with visual cues from the art of dance, Saeedi explores the sensual nature of writing. In this TDC salon, he presents his work, discusses the evolution of his style, and gives a preview of new projects.

  • Craig Welsh: Alvin Lustig’s Forgotten Font

    TDC Salon: October 13, 2016. “Alvin Lustig’s Forgotten Font” with Craig Welsh

    ‘Euclid. A New Type,’ originally designed in the 1930s by modern American designer Alvin Lustig (1915-1955) has been revived through a collaboration of designers Craig Welsh and Elaine Lustig Cohen. Only twelve letterforms from the original font design had been retained in archive material in the many decades since its initial development. The revived ‘Lustig Elements’ font combines four simple, geometric shapes aligned to an underlying grid with letterform designs that hold true to the spirit of the original font. This TDC salon discusses how Lustig Elements came to life in 2016 as wood type cut at Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum and as digital fonts from digital type foundry P22.

  • Ian Lynam: I Blame the Sun

    TDC Salon: October 6, 2016. “I Blame the Sun: The Emergence of Modernism in Japanese Graphic Design” with Ian Lynam

    Ian Lynam is a Tokyo-based designer operating at the intersection of graphic design, design education and design research. This lecture explores Japanese graphic design and typographic history from 1854 to 1965 and discusses Japan’s first type foundries, propaganda, speculative labor, and how one Japanese designer disrupts our understanding of design history.