TYPO Berlin: Wanderlust, May 25–27, 2017

For more than 20 years running, TYPO BERLIN is Europe’s biggest and most successful design event—and TDC members get a special discount! The international TYPO Berlin design conference features presentations from pioneering designers, professors, marketing mavens, academics, artists, journalists and much more. A wide variety of approaches to communication and design will be on display and open to discussion. The TYPO conference provides inspiration, clues you in on experimental endeavors, fosters exchange and is a creative networking playground for both communications professionals and student beginners. Since 2011, in addition to Berlin, annual TYPO conferences have also been held in San Francisco and London to wide acclaim. Beginning with a strong focus in typography, TYPO conferences have evolved into a broader platform exploring graphic design, digital media, advertisement, technology, culture, entertainment and business. In an eclectic mix of talks, influential thinkers cover social trends, ideas, concepts, technological innovation and the valid principles of good design.

TYPO Berlin 2017: Wanderlust—The great transformations of our era are based on flexibility, agility and diversity. While the creative elite of the previous generation followed the “march through the institutions”, today’s creative minds allow themselves to (side)track into curiosity and the joy of experimentation. Incorporating social values and community awareness plays a central role in that.

Many people still haven’t embraced the joy of change. TYPO Berlin 2017 will tackle methodological agility, and aims to facilitate a rethinking. How do I get out of my comfort zone? At which points can I permit fluid structures? How do I develop new potential for innovation? Those are the questions typical of traditional organizational models, which won’t help us make headway in the future.

TDC members in—or traveling to—Berlin get a special ticket discount.

TYPO Berlin will be held May 25–27, 2017, at:
Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW)
John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10
10557 Berlin