Type Directors Club Events for NYCxDesign 2018

Type Directors Club is pleased to be participating in NYCxDESIGN 2018 along with so many other design organizations, museums, architects, product designers, and graphic arts innovators.

New York City is home to over 7,756 design establishments and 52,500 practicing designers, making it one of the largest design hubs in the country and the world…and Type Directors Club is pleased to be playing its part.

We welcome everyone to Type Directors Club between May 11 and 23 to join in our design conversations, socialize, see our current graphic design exhibition, and participate in a hands-on illustrated lettering workshop with a top designer. We’re even sponsoring a spring type hike! Here’s what’s happening at the club during this citywide design celebration:

Exhibition through May 24: Rocco Piscatello: Poster Works for FIT
The Type Directors Club is pleased to present Rocco Piscatello: Poster Works for FIT, the first retrospective of Piscatello’s series of posters for the Fashion Institute of Technology’s Visiting Artist Program. The exhibition features all 24 posters created for the program and includes Piscatello’s ten qualities of powerful design. More here.

Nancy Sharon Collins at the TDC

Evening Talk on May 17: Nancy Sharon Collins: Why Do Most Monograms Look Alike?
Join us for an informative salon and fun reception to hear stationer Nancy Sharon Collins explain the historical significance of the monogram and its evolution into something as plain and simple as most have become. There will be plenty of time to mix and mingle. More information and tickets here.

CANCELLED – All-Day Workshop on May 19: Illustrated Lettering Forms with Gerard Huerta
This workshop will be an advanced hand lettering course geared toward seasoned Creative Directors, Art Directors, Designers and Illustrators who want to hone their skills and bring more life to creating unique letterforms and wordmarks from concept through final production. Lots of one-on-one guidance from designer Gerard Huerta, who has created some of the most iconic logos and brands for music legends, record labels, and corporate icons. Workshop information here.

Mid-day type hike on May 20: Urban Lettering Walk with Paul Shaw: From Canal Street to City Hall

Only a few spots left on this walk to look at lettering in a former industrial and commercial section of Lower Manhattan that has been undergoing a rapid transformation into a residential neighborhood for the wealthy. It is a chance to see what still survives of the area’s 19th century and early 20th century lettering before condoization scrubs everything clean. Historian/designer Paul Shaw leads. More information here.

Evening talk on May 22: Reimagining Chinese Typography with Synoptic Office
Caspar Lam and YuJune Park of Synoptic Office will be speaking about the processes used to design their latest Chinese typeface, Ming Romantic. Its a chance to get some insight on the challenges of designing type for a language spoken by 1.2 billion people worldwide. Reception included. Tickets and more information here.

NYCxDESIGN, New York City’s annual celebration of design,attracts hundreds of thousands of attendees and designers from across the globe. Taking place each May, the event celebrates a world of design and showcases over a dozen design disciplines through exhibitions, installations, trade shows, panels, product launches, open studios, and more. NYCxDESIGN events take place across the city’s five boroughs. Brought to life by New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) in conjunction with a steering committee of leading members of New York City’s design community, NYCxDESIGN highlights the unique creative, cultural, educational, and economic opportunities in New York City.