TDC62’s Best In Show Goes to Ari Weinkle for Feelers

At our sold out annual award ceremony last night, the Type Directors Club announced that Ari Weinkle has won Best in Show in the Communication Design competition for his motion-unscreen-experimental Feelers, a typographic experiment based on the movement of animal appendages.

Through our annual competitions we’re able to highlight the best of the best typographic work in both communication and typeface design from studios and individuals both in the US and internationally. In the TDC’s 62nd competition Weinkle’s video was chosen for the prestigious award by a panel of seven highly talented and respected judges .

Ari Weinkle’s Feelers.

Design and animation Ari Weinkle, Boston
Soundtrack: “Greek Light” by Darkside
Twitter: @ariweinkle
Principal type: Custom

Feelers is a typographic experiment based on the movement of animal appendages. It started with a vintage brush type specimen. The sweeping curves and sharp points of the characters demanded something more dimensional. Each stroke was transformed into a 3D form. Through this process, a look reminiscent of squids and other cephalopods emerged. Ascenders became tentacles, descenders tails. The characters became creatures.

A custom joint structure was generated for each letter creating the backbone of the animation. The simulations were physics based, and added an eerie authenticity to the twitches and squirms. Every letter called for it’s own movement and personality. By making subtle tweaks in movement, I endeavored to create something both beautiful and grotesque.

Feelers is an attempt to make typography more alive.





Ari Weinkle is an artist and designer from Boston, MA. In his work he looks to break apart and re-appropriate different forms such as the human figure, geometric and organic shapes, and typography. Through the process of fragmenting different entities, he is continually searching for new and unique juxtapositions between shapes, colors, and patterns. His work is mostly experimental, often digital, and usually weird.

Ari Weinkle was present to receive the TDC’s distinctive award, which takes the form of an oversized “sort” of metal type.



The 379 competition winners, as well as the winners of the typeface competition, are on display at The Cooper Union’s Gallery 41 until August 4. Exhibitions of the winners will also travel to many cities around the world, and will be published in the upcoming TDC annual.

Competition and exhibition sponsors: Monotype and The Cooper Union.

TDC62 event photography by Catalina Kulczar.