TDC Election Results 2017

The Type Directors Club has announced the results of the annual election for its Board of Directors.

The newly-elected Board of Directors, listed below, began its term on July 1, 2017.

The Officers (2017-2018)

President: Doug Clouse | The Graphics Office
Vice President: Paul Carlos | Pure + Applied
Secretary/Treasurer: Debbie Millman | Design Matters


Directors-at-Large 2016-2018
Karl Heine | creativeplacement
Bobby C. Martin | OCD | The Original Champions of Design
Joe Newton | Anderson+Newton
Dan Rhatigan | Type Designer
Douglas Riccardi | Memo
Chris Sergio | Penguin Random House
Elizabeth Carey Smith | The Letter Office

Directors-at-Large 2017-2019
Ana Gómez Bernaus | Designer-Illustrator
Dawn Hancock | Firebelly Design
Nina Stössinger | Frere-Jones Type
Angela Voulangas | The Graphics Office

Matteo Bologna continues to serve as Chairman of the Board.

We want to say thank you and good-bye to former Board members Cara di Edwardo, Abby Goldstein, and Bertram Schmidt-Friderichs for the enormous amount of support and work.

We particularly want to welcome three new Board members — Ana Gómez Bernaus of Los Angeles, Dawn Hancock of Chicago, and Nina Stössinger in New York.

For more background on each person, consult our Board of Directors page.

2017 Image: Courtesy of new TDC Board member, Ana Gómez Bernaus