TDC 63 Best in Show: Jose Neves for Smoke Printer

At a sold-out award ceremony the Type Directors Club announced that Jose Neves, a student, has won Best in Show in the Communication Design competition. His entry, Smoke Printer, is an ashtray which creates a message with stencil type and smoke once the cigarette is put out.

Through our annual competitions we’re able to highlight the best of the best typographic work in both communication and typeface design from studios and individuals both in the US and internationally. In the TDC’s 63rd annual competition Neves’ project, created for his studies at the School of Visual Arts, was chosen for the prestigious award by a panel of seven highly talented and respected judges.

Jose Maria Almeida Neves, New York
Leonid Urossov
Nigel Sielegar
School of Visual Arts, Advertising BFA
Bebas Font and SmokePrinterType

This was a project for my Communication Graphic Design class: To Design in Temporal Context. The challenge was to experiment with medias that are affected by time to defy the conventional notion that graphic design is a constant replication of flat surfaces. Often, graphic design can be designed to incorporate a certain degree of interactivity and/or transformation that is affected by time while still maintaining the main function as a communication tool. My idea was an ashtray that could create, with smoke, a message for the smoker to see after they put out their cigarettes—something profoundly captivating.

Jose was there to receive the TDC’s distinctive award presented by competition co-chairs Joe Newton and Angela Voulangas. The award, which takes the form of an oversized “sort” of metal type, was designed by TDC past president Graham Clifford. Watch the video of the Jose’s award presentation here.

Jose Neves receives Best in Show at the Type Directors Club Awards (TDC63) at Cooper Union, July 18,2017 in New York City.

The 200 competition winners, as well as the winners of the typeface competition, are on display at The Cooper Union’s Gallery 41 until August 10th. Exhibitions of the winners will also travel to many cities around the world, and will be published in the upcoming TDC annual, The World’s Best Type and Typography. The annual and the entire TDC 63 competition campaign were designed by Leftloft, a branding and design studio in Milan.

Competition and exhibition sponsors: Monotype, The Cooper Union, Parsons School of Design, A2A Studio Solutions. We’d also like to thank John Kudos and Full Point Graphics.

TDC62 event photography by Rebecca Smeyne.