Adrian Frutiger: A Tribute by Matthew Carter

Image Credit: Chavelli Tsui

Image Credit: Chavelli Tsui

To commemorate the life and work of Adrian Frutiger, the Type Directors Club asked renowned type designer Matthew Carter to speak about his old friend. The TDC is very grateful to Carter for his moving memorial, which took place at the Parsons School of Design on April 26, 2016. Mathew Carter took a close look at several of Frutiger’s well-known typefaces, including Univers and Frutiger, while occasionally digressing into entertaining stories from his professional and personal acquaintance with Frutiger. The large audience appreciated hearing about Frutiger from someone who knew him well. Carter ended with a quote from Frutiger, a message to young type designers of the future, which read, in part:

“Long after I’m gone there will be a new sense for shapes, one that I cannot imagine now. Your sensitivity will help you to find those new structures. I thank you for looking after the beauty of type!” —Adrian Frutiger, 2005

Watch the Livestream recording below.