TDC Typeface Design Winners 2018

The jury selected eighteen typeface design winners were selected from over 225 entries from 39 countries. These typeface winners are included in the World’s Best Typography, the Annual of the Type Directors Club, Typography 39, and showcased in 8 exhibitions that are touring cities in the United States, Belgium, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, Poland, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan and Vietnam.

The Jury

  • Sahar Afshar
  • Verena Gerlach
  • YuJune Park
  • Dyana Weissman

Elizabeth Carey Smith, Competition Chair

The Winners

  1. Mirza

  2. Lamon

    • Designer: Artemy Lebedev, Moscow
    • Foundry: Art. Lebedev Studio
    • Website:
    • Additional Credits: PROJECT MANAGER - Svetlana Kost
  3. Plex

    • Designer: Mike Abbink, Paul van der Laan, and Pieter van Rosmalen
    • Client: IBM
    • Website:
    • Additional Credits: CREATIVE DIRECTION - Mike Abbink, TYPE DIRECTION - Paul van der Laan and Pieter van Rosmalen, DESIGN AGENCY - IBM Brand Experience & Design and Bold Monday
  4. Source Han Serif

    • Designer: Ryoko Nishizuka (principle designer; kana & ideographs), Frank Grießhammer (Latin, Greek & Cyrillic), Wenlong Zhang (bopomofo), Soohyun Park, Yejin We & Donghoon Han (hangul elements, letters & syllables)
    • Client: Adobe Systems, Inc. and Google, San Jose, California
    • Website:
  5. Noort

  6. Origen

  7. Teddy

    • Designer: Minjoo Ham, Berlin
    • Foundry: Fust & Friends, foundry and typographic hothouse (Berlin, Germany)
    • Website:
    • Additional Credits: TYPE DIRECTION - Jan Middendorp, TYPE ADVICE - Florian Hardwig and Dan Reynolds
  8. Pelago

  9. Harrison Serif Pro

    • Designer: Lisa Fischbach, Hamburg
    • Foundry: TypeMates
    • Website:
    • Additional Credits: LEAD DESIGN - Jakob Runge, Munich, FONT PRODUCTION - Christoph Koeberlin, Berlin
  10. Read Greek Condensed

    • Designer: Elliott Amblard and Théo Guillard, Paris
    • Foundry: Black[Foundry]
    • Client: Groupe Renault
    • Website:
    • Additional Credits: TYPEFACE DESIGN DIRECTION - Jérémie Hornus
  11. Koning

    • Designer: Luc(as) de Groot, Martina Flor, Jan Fromm, Phillipp Neumeyer, Daria Petrova, Berlin
    • Foundry: LucasFonts
    • Website:
  12. Vazeh

  13. Ray

    • Designer: Reza Bakhtiarifard and Omid Emamian, Tehran
  14. Artigo Display

  15. Guyot

  16. Oi!

  17. Kinetic

  18. Greta Text Hebrew

    • Designer: Hebrew by Michal Sahar, Tel Aviv - Latin by Peter Bilak, The Hague
    • Foundry: Typotheque