Chank’s Type

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Chank Diesel isn’t a low-octane truck fuel — it’s a person’s name. He is a font designer and owner of Chank Co in Minneapolis, Minnesota. You have surely seen Chank’s fonts used on all kinds of things, but you might not have seen his book The Travelling Font Salesman. It is so new it still smells like an inky pressroom.

Chank’s book is both a typographic portfolio and a diary of a man on the road. Alone in coffee shops, hotels, and bars, the protaganist records overheard conversations, the confidences of strangers, and the plots of science fiction he is reading. The book’s stories are inspired by the isolation of travel, moments in wifi-free backwaters when we’re forced to look up from our laptops, or deep into books.

Chank composes the stories with some of his many display typefaces, such as Tenderloin, Urban Circus, and Fosho. Peter Hajinian wrote the words, Anne Ulku designed the pages, and some books come with a special poster of Chank fonts. Learn more at Chank’s website.

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