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Events : TDC Salon : Judges Night 2005

TDC Salon : Judges Night 2005

Date & Time:

Thursday 20 January 2005 :: 6:00–8:00 pm

Venue :

F.I.T. (Fashion Institute of Technology)
Building "D" Room D207
227 West 27 Street
New York, NY

The Judges :

Kris Holmes
Principal, Bigelow & Holmes
Lucida Turns 21
Jean-François Porchez
Principal, Porchez Typofonderie, France
Cuisine Typographique

Kris Holmes is the president of Bigelow & Holmes Inc., a studio specializing in typeface design. Kris began her study of letters with Lloyd Reynolds and Robert Palladino at Reed College, and continued with Hermann Zapf at Rochester Institute of Technology and Ed Benguiat at The School of Visual Arts in New York. With her partner, Charles Bigelow, Kris has designed over 100 typefaces, including the Lucida Grande fonts for Apple Computer's OS X user interface, Lucida Console and Lucida Sans Unicode in Microsoft Windows, and the Lucida core fonts of Sun Microsystems' Java development environment. Kris authored Apple Chancery, Apple Textile, Microsoft Wingdings, and ITC Isadora and contributed fonts to the free software movement.

In addition to Latin typefaces, Kris has created complementary designs for Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic, Thai and Devanagari scripts. Her work includes fonts for mathematical and technical publishing, linguistics and special designs for legibility research. More than 750 million copies of Kris's typeface designs are in distribution from the world's major computer software and hardware manufacturers. Holmes is currently a graduate thesis student in the UCLA Animation Workshop.

Jean François Porchez (born 1964), after training as a graphic designer, worked as type director at Dragon Rouge. By 1994, he had created a new typeface series for Le Monde in Paris. Today he designs custom typefaces for companies such as RATP (Public Transport in Paris), Peugeot, Costa Crocieres, France Télécom, as well as distributing his retail typefaces internationally via his website. For the Linotype Library Platinum Collection he contributed a revival of Jan Tschichold's Sabon.

Porchez teaches at Ensad (France) and is a visiting lecturer in the MA typeface design course at the University of Reading (United Kingdom). His publications include Lettres Françaises, showing contemporary French digital typefaces and was president of the jury set up by the Ministere de l'Éducation Nationale to select a new handwriting model and system for France. Awards include the Prix Charles Peignot in 1998, Morisawa in 1990 (FF Angie) and 1993 (Apolline), and TDC2 in 2000 (Costa). Ambroise, Anisette, Charente, Le Monde Journal, and Le Monde Courrier were all prize-winning entries in the Bukva:raz international competition in 2001. He was elected president of ATypI in October 2004.

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