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This is an archive of previous calls.
For the current TDC Competitions in Typography and in Type Design, see the Typography Competitions page.

:: Final Extended Extended Deadlines ::
:: Tuesday 18 January 2005 ::

TDC51 Call for Entries
Download the TDC51 Call for Entries :
TDC51 Call Guidelines, Rules, and Forms (100KB PDF)
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The 51st Annual Type Directors Club Exhibition :


will make history—literally. It will write the book on the best typographic design produced and published in 2004—the Annual of the Type Directors Club, Typography 26. And it will celebrate the achievements of the year's most talented designers in an international traveling exhibition.

Participate. Submit.

Send us your posters, your annual reports, your identity programs, your book designs, your advertisements, your magazine designs, your book jackets and covers, your brochures and direct mail, your calendars and catalogs, your editorial and exhibition designs, your point-of-purchase displays, your signage, your packaging, your T-shirts—send us your best typographic work. Be a part of design history in the making.

Charles Nix
Chairman, TDC51

TDC51 Jury :

Gabriele Wilson
is an awardwinning book jacket designer at Alfred A. Knopf in New York for five years. She is a freelance designer for publishers worldwide, as well as for The Public Art Fund and Nonesuch Records.
Piet Schreuders
is a graphic designer based in Amsterdam who has designed scores of magazines, books, album covers, and CD packages.
Patrick Seymour
co-founded Tsang Seymour Design in 1993 as a multi-disciplinary studio whose clients include leading cultural institutions such as the Guggenheim Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and The Museum of Modern Art.
Jonathan Notaro
founded Brand New School, a boutique design company in Los Angelese after working as art director for Fuel/Razorfish.
Christopher Mount
is an educator, writer, and curator specializing in contemporary and twentieth-century architecture and design. he is the Director of Exhibitions and Public Programs at the Parsons School of Design.
Evan Gaffney
is a graphic designer specializing in packaging and collateral for book publishers, record labels, and cultural institutions.
Cecelia Dean
with collaborators photographer Stephen Gan and make-up artist James Kaliardos, launched Visionaire magazine in September 1999. Dean is also a visiting professor at Parsons School of Design where she teaches a senior seminar on publication design.

The Competition :

The Type Directors Club is an international organization founded in 1946 whose members include design professionals, typographic designers, and typophiles. This year will be TDC's fifty-first open Call for Entries in its international competition which recognizes excellence in the use of typography, calligraphy, handlettering and other letterforms. All entries will be judged by a panel of distinguished designers in January 2005. Winning works will be exhibited in six traveling shows and published in Typography 26, the hardbound, all-color competition annual designed by Paul Carlos. The annual is published by HDI, a division of Harper Design International, and sold worldwide.

General Entry Rules :

Eligibility : Entries must have been produced or published during 2004. Submissions can be by anyone associated with the entry. Work designed for the TDC or by the Chairman and judges is ineligible.

No identification of designer/submitter (e.g. business cards) may be attached to front or back of print entries, other than official Entry Forms.

Slides/transparencies are unacceptable in any area or category.

Photographs : If the actual piece is unavailable/ unmanageable (e.g. signage, displays, POP, large packaging, billboards) photographic prints 8 x 10 inches (20 x 25 cm) are acceptable. Photographs with more than one item are series entries.

Mounting of entries : Entries in the Corporate ID category must be mounted on black illustration board (not Foamcore), not to exceed 14 x 22 inches (36 x 56 cm). Items may overlap. The maximum of six selected, representative items for series pertains to the number of mounted items, not boards. Mounting in all other categories is optional. The maximum size of boards pertains to all areas and categories.

Experimental / unpublished work is ineligible in all areas and categories, except for Student Work.

Types of Entries :

Single entry : one item only.

Series/campaign entry : Two, but not more than six, typographically and conceptually related pieces in one category for the same event, product or subject matter, such as posters, ads, booklets, television commercials, packaging, etc. If more than six items are submitted, the Show Committee will select six representative pieces for judging. Unrelated items, e.g., different books by the same publisher or different productions by the same theater, must be submitted as single entries.

Entry Areas / Categories :

Entries may be submitted in three areas: Print, Electronic and Student Work. Series must not be mixes of Print and Electronic Media. Print entries and printed Student Work must not be in electronic form. Indicate area and category number on Entry Form.

PRINT Area / Category :

Proofs, photostats, computer prints, slides or transparencies are unacceptable (see General Entry Rules), except where noted. Entries like signage, displays, exhibits, etc. need not have been produced by printing and can be submitted as photographic prints. Print categories are for identification purposes only. Judging will not be by separate categories. Therefore, do not submit the same item(s) in several categories or both as singles and series. Duplication will be eliminated by the Show Committee.

  1. Advertisements : Ads and advertising inserts
  2. Annual Reports : and other financial reports
  3. Books
  4. Book Jackets / Covers
  5. Brochures : and direct mail
  6. Calendars
  7. Catalogs
  8. Corporate identity : Always a series entry. Must be mounted (please see mounting instructions). Not to exceed six selected, representative items, e.g., logos/trademarks, stationery, envelopes, folders, identity manuals, photographs of signage, but not posters or packaging.
  9. Editorial (magazine, newspaper, newsletter) : An entire publication or an article covering several pages is considered a single entry. Spreads or entire articles submitted as single entries must be removed from the publication.
  10. Exhibits / Displays / Point-of-Purchase / Signage / Architectural and Dimensional Design : Signage systems, exhibition booths, etc. are always series entries.
  11. Logos / Trademarks / Symbols : Include firm or institution name and, if necessary, a one-sentence description on the front bottom of the entry (not on the Entry Form). Maximum size: 11 x 17 inches (28 x 43 cm). Photostats, computer prints or printed versions are acceptable.
  12. Miscellaneous : including announcements, invitations, cards, menus, etc. Invitations may include response card and envelope. Additional pieces constitute a series entry.
  13. Mixed series : A printed series entry (no mix with electronic items) of two but not more than six typographically and conceptually related items pertaining to different print categories.
  14. Packaging
  15. Posters : including large announcements and calls for entries.
  16. T-Shirts / Apparel

Typeface Design is not part of TDC51 and is a separate competition which is judged by a different jury but has the same deadline. For more information and a Call for Entries call the TDC office (1-212-633-8943) or see the TDC2 2005 web pages.

ELECTRONIC MEDIA Area / Category :

This includes TV commercials, music videos, video and film titles/graphics, video presentations, multimedia, internet graphics and interactive computer graphics. Entries must be submitted as 1/2 inch ntsc/vhs (not pal or secam) videotapes, cd-rom, computer discs runnable on a Mac (not PC) operating system, or as computer prints. Winners will be asked to submit individual frames or screens as photographic or computer prints for the exhibitions and the annual book. Each entry is to be submitted on a separate cassette or disc, except for series entries. Not acceptable in this category are internet addresses (there will be no internet access during judging).

STUDENT WORK Area / Category :

Unpublished work produced by students in design classes may be submitted in proof form, e.g., computer prints, photostats, etc., but not slides or transparencies. Student work is acceptable as single or series entries (maximum of six items).

A one-sentence description of the assignment and the name of the school and the instructor must be included on the front bottom of the entry, not the entry form. Any mounted work must not exceed 14 x 22 inches (36 x 56 cm).

Out of the winning student entries, three will be selected for monetary awards. Their student designers will receive monetary awards in the amounts of $500, $300 and $200 respectively. Their work will be noted in the Annual as prize winners.

Entry Forms :

Each Entry Form must indicate:

  • Print, Electronic Media, Student Work
  • Single or Series entry (indicate number of items, not boards, for series entries)
  • Category number (for PRINT only)
  • Title or identification of entry
  • Complete information about the submitter
    (to be repeated on the Payment Form)

Official Entry and Payment Forms are available on this Web site. If additional forms are needed, please make same-size copies. Do not enlarge or reduce the form, and do not design your own entry form. Only information on the form is required at the time of submission.

An entry form must be attached to the back of each entry, taped lightly only at the top of the form. Do not use gumming devices or double-faced tape. Cut out Entry Forms (or copies thereof) along the dotted boxes.

Entry Fees :

Single entry :

Members US$30 Non-members US$35

Series entry :

Members US$60 Non-members US $70

A completely filled out Payment Form must be sent with each submission of entries (and not attached to each entry).
Payment made payable to TDC50/Type Directors Club must be submitted with entries in cash, check, US dollar travelers checks, or charged to American Express, Visa or MasterCard. Checks or money orders from all countries outside the U.S. must be drawn on a U.S. bank, payable in U.S. dollars. Payment in foreign currency, check, Eurocheck, or postal money order—even if drawn in U.S. dollars—on banks outside of the U.S.A. is unacceptable.

Hanging Fees :

All winners will be charged a US$80 ($50 for TDC members) hanging fee for each single entry and US$130 ($100 for TDC members) for each series entry in order to be included in the annual book and exhibitions. Hanging fees are reduced for TDC members. Hanging fees help defray publication and exhibition expenses for this organization.

Awards :

Winners only will be notified the week of January 24, 2005. Entries selected by the jury will receive Certificates of Typographic Excellence. They will be exhibited in the 51st TDC Exhibition, and appear in Typography 26 The opening of TDC51 will be held in New York City, and will be on display during the summer of 2005. Winners will be asked to supply transparencies (4 x 5 in. or 10 x 12 cm) or slides of the winning entries for use in Typography 26.

Winners will also be asked to supply five additional copies of winning entries for use in exhibitions outside New York. These shows travel throughout North America, Europe and Eastern Asia. Credits of individuals and firms that have contributed to each entry will be included in the exhibitions and in Typography 26.

Deadline :

All entries, together with fees, and one Payment Form, must be delivered to TDC by:

:: Final Extended Extended Deadlines ::
:: Tuesday 18 January 2005 ::

Type Directors Club
127 West 25th Street, 8th floor
New York, NY 10001

Shipping :

If more than one package is shipped, this must be indicated on the outside of each package, e.g., "1 of 2." Packages must be delivered prepaid. Non-U.S. contestants should mark each package "Printed matter for contest entry. No commercial value." No provision will be made by TDC for U.S. Customs or airport pickup. Any customs fees will be charged back to the entrant. No Entries Will Be Returned!

Contact :

For further information, please contact the TDC offices:
T : 1-212-633-8943
F : 1-212-633-8944
E :
W :

Download the TDC51 Call for Entries :
TDC51 Call Guidelines, Rules, and Forms (100KB PDF)
Please be sure to use these only forms or copies of them.
Please do not use the mailed paper forms,
as an address line was inadvertently not provided
for your use on those forms;
use instead the forms here provided in PDF format.

The PDF was built to print without reduction
to either USLetter (short) or A4 (narrow).

:: Final Extended Extended Deadlines ::
:: Tuesday 18 January 2005 ::


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