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TDC48 : Type Directors Club Typography Exhibition
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TDC48 Call for Entries

Typography's Dynamic Role

Words and images communicate thoughts, messages, ideas, whether in the printed media or on electronic screens. But, despite the ubiquitous adage that one picture is worth a thousand words, we believe that words truly convey the nucleus of a thought. And letterforms, be they typographic or calligraphic, make such thoughts visible.

Today's typography is a curious mixture of art, design, tradition, psychology and -- more than ever -- technology. And that technical realm has turned exceedingly "democratic" since the computer has taken it largely out of the craftsmen's arena.

Does typography have to be a subservient discipline? Is its sole purpose to transmit information without calling attention to itself? In the purely textural contents of books -- perhaps. In other printed and electronic media type and other letterforms can play a dynamic role for our emotions. Type surrounds us everywhere. It may inform, convince, persuade, excite, stimulate, interpret.

Whether your printed or electronic designs are traditional. modern, or avant garde -- as long as you believe they constitute an excellent usage of letterforms and an effective form of communication: submit them!

A portion of your entry fee will benefit the TDC Scholarship Fund.

Klaus Schmidt

Chairperson, TDC48

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